Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nadine and Sandy's Relaxed Home Wedding

When I first met Nadine and Sandy, they were so friendly and laid back I knew this was a wedding I was really going to enjoy!

They wanted, in their words, a 'non-weddingy' wedding, short and simple, in their own back garden. Low key, just themselves and their two witnesses, Nadine's best friend Gina and Sandy's brother Christo. And not forgetting their cocker spaniel Cosmo, a couple of cats and three chickens in attendance....

We chatted about their ceremony and it was only as they were getting ready to leave that Nadine casually mentioned that she (and Gina) would be wearing pyjamas for the ceremony....

And what lovely pyjamas they are too!

After the ceremony, the couple had a fabulous party with family, friends and neighbours at the Edinburgh Film Studios near their home in Nine Mile Burn. 

Photograph courtesy of Merlin Bonning

Of course, it was only fitting that their guests should come dressed as film characters.

Sandy dressed up as Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee's character from The Wicker Man) while Nadine was intent on wearing her PJs for getting married and partying!

Sandy even worked his choice of character into his speech, explaining who he was and what better costume to wear than than that of a messianic, pagan overlord of a small rural community.... 

Nine Mile Burn will never be the same again!

Nadine and Sandy, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your laid back and fun wedding! Thanks also to Sandy's brother Christo for the photos.

"We're enjoying married life and are in agreement that our wedding was the best we've been to - fortunately! It was a great day and we were buzzing from it for a long time after"

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  1. What a great post - and wonderful celebration - best wishes ju xo