Monday, 27 June 2016

Peter and Erica's Wedding at Harvest Moon, Tyninghame

Peter and Erica got engaged at the highest point in East Lothian, Meikle Says Law. So it was fitting that they chose the stunning Harvest Moon Beach in Tyninghame as the location for their wedding. 

They often walk along the beautiful beaches of East Lothian close to their house and the opportunity to get married there was too good to miss. Also, that everyone could stay on-site in the glamping facilities was an added bonus!

Peter and Erica chose some wonderful poetry which added depth and meaning to their ceremony and conveyed their thoughts about love and marriage. Guests also read lovely poems from Northumberland and Canada, the couple's original homes.

A first for me in a wedding ceremony was the inclusion of a quote from a scientific study about the benefits of marriage for happiness, health and longer life. Just goes to show that science has an important place, even at weddings!

Thank you, Peter and Erica for sharing your beautiful photos by GWS Photography.

"Fiona, thank you so much for such a fabulous ceremony, it was perfect! We got lots of great feedback from our guests. Some people even thought we were good friends, it was so personal."