Saturday, 5 March 2016

Gemma and Marc's Wedding at The Caves

The Caves was the perfect choice for Gemma and Marc's stylish Halloween wedding. 

Dark and mysterious, these vaulted rooms beneath the 18th century South Bridge have a special place in Scottish history and after over 100 years of being lost, the hidden vaults were rediscovered and magnificently restored. Marc and Gemma chose this venue because they found it perfectly fitting for this occasion and because Edinburgh is one of their favourite cities in the world.

They wanted to get married on their 15th anniversary of being together. The exact story of how they got together is a little hazy but we know one thing for sure - it was Halloween! 

Loving the gruesome cake and the rings on the zombie hand!

Gem is a Northern girl that thinks the way Marc says 'chocolate' is strange and Marc is a Southern guy that thinks mushy peas are weird! Those differences aside it's their love for animals and good food plus an identical sense of humour that make these two the perfect match.

For Gemma and Marc, marriage means they are officially reinforcing what has become an inseparable bond. They want to continue to love and support each other and also celebrate their amazing relationship with all of their family and friends. 

A very moving and personal part of the ceremony was when they exchanged their vows, which they had written themselves and had kept secret from one another until the ceremony.

Congratulations Gemma and Marc and thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day and for sharing these great shots by photographer Picturesbybish.

“Fiona, thank you so much for making our ceremony exactly how we wanted!”

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