Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clare and Gavin's Wedding at The Royal Botanic Garden

The Botanics are a lovely part of Edinburgh and as Gavin and Clare were keen to get married outside, it was the perfect location. The gardens are beautiful and the giant redwoods that we were standing under during the ceremony were a little reminder of the good times Clare and Gavin had while living in Canada.


Clare and Gavin exchanged wedding rings during the ceremony, but before they did so, they passed the rings among their families and friends, each holding the rings briefly and offering a silent thought or well wishing for the marriage.

One of the readings chosen by Clare and Gavin reflected their love of Canada and the great outdoors - a Native American Wedding Blessing, read by Gavin’s friend Kevin.

May the sun

Bring you energy by day.

May the moon

Softly restore you by night.

May the rain

Wash away your worries,

And the breeze

Blow new strength into your being.

And all of the days of your lives

May you walk gently through the world

And know its beauty.

 Fiona played the violin beautifully in the rain!

Many thanks to Clare and Gavin for sharing these lovely photos by photographer George Lammie.

"Fiona, thanks very much for all your help on the day and sorry for making you stand out in the rain! We had a fantastic time and were so pleased that we did manage to squeeze in the ceremony outside between the showers, it was exactly as we had hoped. Thanks for guiding us through the process and helping us put the ceremony together as we wanted."