Friday, 22 April 2016

Deborah and Steve's Wedding at the Secret Herb Garden

Nestled at the foot of the Pentland hills, the Secret Herb Garden is a truly special place, especially if you like herbs, good food, and all things vintage. The perfect venue for Deborah and Steve's wedding!

This venue was featured recently on The Wedding Collective blog and was described as “a dreamy, plant-filled glasshouse and garden space with laid back bohemian vibes.”

Deborah making her big entrance with her dad David. Mind those leaves!

Deborah and Steve chose to get married there quite simply because it is a beautiful, unique setting and not a traditional wedding venue. They went for lunch there a couple of weeks after they got engaged and instantly fell in love with the place. They both enjoy camping and being outdoors and for them it's the perfect rural escape, close to the city, where they love spending a Sunday.

Steve and Deborah met at work in 2003. Steve says they got on straight away as Deborah seemed like a really nice genuine person; Deborah says she instantly knew they were going to get on as Steve had such a happy outgoing personality and was very chatty. 

Steve also recalls thinking Deborah had good taste in music and an awesome handbag - a star wars lunchbox she was using as one!

For Deborah and Steve, marriage means a new level to their relationship. Not a changing of who and what they are together but a deepening of the already strong bond they have together. 

And of course, a wedding is also a great excuse for a knees-up!

One of the readings during the ceremony, called 'The Cramond Question' was very fitting as it was written especially for the happy couple..... Hmmm, I wonder who Big Beardy Boy could be?

The Cramond Question by Steve Kell

Big beardy boy and his fair lass
Went down to Cramond Isle
There was a question to be asked
One he’d pondered for a while

Shirt all ironed, beard all combed
Looking just so smart
It would no longer be postponed
Time to follow his heart

Wine all chilled, the scene as set
His courage all gathered in
He took her hands, held her gaze
Then popped the Cramond question

The sun stood still, world held its breath
Was if the answer it could guess
But the answer to the Cramond question
Was, of course, just a simple yes

Deborah and Steve, congratulations and a huge thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day, and also for sharing these lovely photos by Rab Stout!

“Fiona, thank you again for being the one to marry us, help make our day so fantastic, and for all your help in the run up.”

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