Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Louise and Jason's Wedding at Howies

Louise and Jason wanted to get married somewhere that reflected their own personalities – somewhere relaxed, informal and friendly. Howies fitted the bill perfectly and with its stunning location in the heart of Edinburgh, they couldn't have chosen a better place to begin their married lives.

For Louise and Jason to have met at all, there are a few people they are indebted to. First, the founders of a well known dating website, without whom it definitely would not have happened. Second, Jason’s sister, Desiree, who encouraged (or rather, forced) Jason to give said website a try. Third, Louise’s parents, Peter and Linda, for convincing Louise after a hard day’s work to go out on a date, when she really did not feel like it..... and finally, Jason himself, who took a bit of a gamble and replied to Louise’s email without a profile picture to look at!

 'Tying The Knot'

Louise and Jason believe that marriage formalises their commitment and love for one other and is a confirmation that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. They will carry on just as they are, having a great time and a laugh together, but with a stronger foundation which marriage brings. As husband and wife, they look forward to enjoying life’s rich tapestry and taking on the challenges that life brings, together as a team.

Love is a promise
Love is a souvenir
Once given
Never forgotten
Never let it disappear
(John Lennon) 

Louise and Jason, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos by Gillian Shaw. Congratulations and good wishes to you both!

“Fiona, thanks very much for helping make our wedding day so memorable. We had a great day as did our guests and many of them commented on how nice the ceremony was. The tying of the knot was especially well received and most people had never seen it before. We are so glad we chose you as you are a true professional and really made us feel at ease.”

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