Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Jennifer and Scott's Wedding in St Monans

It was a perfect summer’s day in St Monans, the pretty fishing village in the East Neuk of Fife. The sky was clear blue, the sea glistened in the sun and there was only the faintest breath of wind.  

The setting was everything Jennifer and Scott had dreamed of for their wedding day - in their own beautiful garden, with breathtaking views of the sea, celebrating with their close family and friends.

Before they exchanged wedding rings, Jennifer and Scott had a traditional handfasting ceremony and exchanged vows of commitment they had written themselves. 

They also chose to include a lovely poem called 'I Love You' by an unknown author, which was read by their two older children, Liona and Jamie.

I love you
For the kindness in your eyes
And the warmth in your voice,
For the honesty of your words
And the silence of your smile;
For the ways in which we’re similar,
And those in which we’re worlds apart.
For the openness of your understanding
And the acceptance of your heart;
For the tenderness of your touch
And the strength of your commitment,
For your sense of humour
And your seriousness of purpose;
For a thousand small reasons,
And one most important of all:
Simply because you are you.
In all of creation you are the one whom I cherish most,
The one with whom I hope to share my life –
Its joys, its sorrows, its accomplishments, its challenges –
While building our dreams together and growing everyday
In the love that makes us one.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr and Mrs Jones!

It's too late Scott, you've signed it now!

"Many thanks again Fiona for making our day so special."

Jennifer and Scott, it was a great pleasure to share in your special day. What a wonderful way to start your married life. PS can I come and live in St Monans?!

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